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Virtual data rooms are accessible at any time of the day or night. So, employees can work on breaks or even stay up late to enjoy an oil burn in the middle of the night. They can also work from anywhere via an Internet connection. Therefore, choosing a trustworthy virtual data room is crucial to ease the burden of due diligence.

Choose a VDR that comes with a custom interface that can be customized to the specific requirements of your company. This will make it easier for your co-workers to navigate the software, and complete all tasks. A reliable VDR should also enable you to upload large amounts of files and utilize drag-and-drop functions to facilitate the management of files. It should also come with an advanced search tool with filters, tags and labels to facilitate more precise searches. It should also include automatic indexing and numbering indexes, which is essential for a speedy and thorough search of a large number of documents. It should also provide dynamic watermarking that appears on the document when viewed or downloaded. It should also include fence and redaction views, which prevent screenshotting.

A tracking feature that allows users to be accountable and maintain records is also essential. Administrators should also be able to grant granular permissions, including the ability to print and save PDFs as PDFs. Additionally, it should be able to support electronic signatures to allow seamless collaboration of documents. You should look for a virtual space that has multiple security certifications like ISO 27001 and SOC 1/2/3.

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