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If you own a smartphone, there’s a chance that it contains private information that could be accessed. Hacks on iPhones aren’t nearly as prevalent as Android ones, but hackers have discovered ways to steal sensitive data from apps that record your browsing history, as well as other data, including contacts locations, camera information and so on. These hacks could expose your personal information to criminals, or it could make its way to agencies who conduct background checks.

There are several things you can do to protect your iPhone safe from harmful apps and safeguard your privacy. In this article, we will review some of the important suggestions. From installing a reputable mobile security app to shutting off automatic filling.

First, you must create a passcode that’s difficult to guess. Avoid using words, dates or numbers like your parents’ anniversary or your children’s names or a date from a favorite film. Try a four-digit alphanumeric code, or a numeric code that you have created. Also, turn off iCloud Photo Sharing in Settings and be sure to use two-factor authentication, if you’re using it.

Installing a lightweight, secure iPhone security program like Clario is a different option. This app has a variety of features that can ensure your privacy, ranging from web protection to blocking ads. It can alert you to suspicious websites, stop Instagram scams, and boost your privacy with the help of a VPN. Anyone who is serious about their iPhone privacy will love this app.

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